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Coding is no longer just about creating new and innovative features. As AppSec becomes a top priority, agile organizations are looking for ways to win at security without slowing down their release cycles. This means reconfiguring our mindset, and shifting security as far left as possible: The Coding Phase.
Your first mission, should you choose to accept it, is to join us at our Secure Coding event in Austin on the 30 April 2020 where you can hear from our finest selection of agents (also known as industry-leading practitioners, analysts, and thought leaders from the AppSec and Cybersecurity realm) as they share their secret insights, principles, and best practices to achieve better, secure software. [wp-eventbrite-checkout]

austin, TX


30 April, 2020


Austin, TX

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NEXT19 is an invitation only event with a carefully curated audience. You are more than welcome to submit your application.

Simone Curzi

CyberSecurity Principal Consultant, Microsoft

Mark Curphey

Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer, Open Raven

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MediaOps, the company behind leading technical communities such as DevOps.com, Container Journal, Security Boulevard, DevOps TV and Digital Anarchist, along with its premier sponsor, WhiteSource, is proud to present the Secure Coding Roadshow. Secure Coding is the industry’s first truly immersive conference focused on Application Security, thereby equipping organizations with the right mindset and tools to shift security as far left as possible: The Coding Phase.